About Tampa.org
Tampa.org is a free online service to local residents and travelers of the Tampa Bay Area. It is supported by local merchants and businesses. The merchants want to earn your business and are reaching out to you, to make it easy for you to support them.  More >>>

The Tampa Area
Many major cities in the United States have histories dating back into the 1700s, but Tampa, along Florida’s western coast, was started in the 1820s. It began as a military fort and was soon surrounded by pioneer encampments. This occurred because the area was still home to somewhat large numbers of Native Americans who survived the earlier visits by Spanish Conquistadors in the 1500s.  More >>>

Travel in Tampa
Set along the western coast of Florida, the city of Tampa attracts millions of visitors and new residents each year. It is the 53rd largest city in the United States, and home to major industry, sporting teams, and tourism sites. A visit to the city will benefit from a bit of knowledge about the general “layout” of the region and a bit of the history of it too.More >>>

Brief History of Tampa
Although it is currently the 53rd largest city in the entire United States, Tampa, Florida is also one of the most recognized place names too. This has a lot to do with its involvement in tourism, sports, and vacationing so popular along the state’s western coast. The ability for extensive outdoor living within a well-developed urban area has consistently won recognition for Tampa. For example, the New York University newspaper selected it as an ideal city for those in their 20s, and Forbes ranked it in the top five outdoor cities as well.  More >>>